So It All Begins

It's almost a year since the foundation of Soulcode. Read on to learn more about Soulcode Publications.

So It All Begins
Starting something new is exciting. It's a special moment with unpaved paths, many ideas and lots of possibilities.

It's almost a year since the foundation of Soulcode. It's been a busy year where we've been involved in large implementation projects, some architecture design and consulting and last but not least the implementation of a continuous integration and delivery pipeline.

Being busy with client projects is of course the perfect start for a young company, so we're all grateful and happy the journey began successfully. But there's more to Soulcode than doing successful projects. We'd like to share our experiences and learnings with you! So here we are, finally starting Soulcode Publications alongside with our first public agency website.

Welcome to our new digital home and thank you for your attention.